by Patricia Langschova

Who are Fassine you may wonder? They are a band from London whose members include Sarah Palmer, Laurie Langan and James Hayward. Fassine has received massive support from the media, including Spin, Q Magazine, The 405 and The Guardian in order to get the audience warmed-up for their debut album. Kaltbult has described the upcoming album as a “menacing and euphoric hard hitter.”

This debut album titled ‘Dialectik’ is set to be released on the 20th of May on Default Collective Records. When asked about the new single of the same name, Fassine has commentated “’Dialectik is an explosive drive through desire, you’ve been longing for days, but have waited longer for less. ’You love me to loathe and I’ll pay the price.’”

Their music style can be described as cinematic, a style that is described as one of the most flexible music genres, as it can combine many characteristics. Cinematic music can be electronic, use of vocals is optional, it can be minimal or orchestral, heavy or distorted, ridiculously drawn out or ridiculously short.  The sound that Fassine produces draws you to enter their stark world full of striking imagery. Their single ‘Dialectik’ clearly illustrates their love for industrial music, cinematic soundtracks and dystopian television shows of the 70s. If this is the kind of music you like, you definitely should give it a listen!