I have a confession to make. Please don’t judge me too harshly: I have only just discovered the absolute addictive hilarity of Snapchat (thanks to my wild hairstylist buddy Emer O’ Keefe).

Yes, I now, like so many before me and so many more to come, am glued to the social media Goliath. Stories, snaps, and selfies are part and parcel of my daily routine. I watch in the morning while waiting for my hit of caffeine, in bed before my forty winks, and en route to meetings and friendly encounters. So, for your pleasure, much needed information, and just because I feel like it, I have popped together a list of my new favourite Snapchatters. So, let the favoritism commence!

10. Retro Flame (@retroflame1)


First off we have a flame-haired beauty and lifestyle junkie with more style than you can shake a [selfie] stick at! She’s so ridiculously stunning we could gawk at her selfies all day long. Currently living it up in New York City, Erika Fox is our go-to gal for fashion advice and a nose in her fabulous closet (#jealous). She and I had similar beginnings into the world of media and fashion in Galway Technical Institute; we probably passed one another in the hallways, or perhaps, at a blurry gig in Roisin Dubh! She gets bonus points for being from Kerry. Check out Erika’s blog retro-flame.com.

9. Ruth Hetherington (@ruthiebritt)

This Dublin entrepreneur / supplement aficionado has made it her mission to get the people of Ireland fit, happy, and healthy. Ruth is certainly not an advocate of any kind of quick fix; her method is more long term and less fad-ish! I’m loving keeping my eyes firmly fixed on her always honest and intriguing Snaps, chronicling the rise of her exciting business venture. If you want to get your hands on some of Ruth’s Miss Fit Skinny Tea, check out missfitskinnytea.ie. She’ll have you dropping dress sizes like nobody’s business!

8. Vogue Williams    

It’s no big secret that my most-beloved of all the Irish models is Vogue Williams. I’ve been a huge fan of the Dubliner ever since ‘Fade Street’ (the Irish version of The Hills) hit our screens in 2010. Each day, via her snaps, we watch her working out like a fiend at ungodly hours of the morning, chilling with friends at funky brunch spots, and her busy life living and working between Dublin and London. Her newest TV treat, Vogue Williams: On the Edge, airs every Tuesday @ 09:30 p.m. Next week, we’ll watch as she navigates the choppy waters of body obsession. Exciting stuff!

7. Melanie Morris (melanierjmorris)


Big shout out to the lovely Melanie Morris, editor-in-chief at Image Magazine. You may assume the life of a magazine editor is all press events, fancy soirées, hanging out with celebrities, and getting carloads of free swag, and yes, you are correct. But, as Ms Morris shows, we also like cosy nights in and work from the “Boffice” (bed office). Why am I glued to her account? Informed – and free – health advice. This lady knows a thing or ten about nutrition and wellness as she moonlights as a nutritional therapist. Look out for Mel’s cute little fluff ball, ‘Flumpy’. Don’t forget for all your fashion and beauty content click over to our friends at image.ie.

6. The Galway Player

Has anyone actually seen this lad without a frickin’ mask on? Is he a big ride? Probably! Is he actually a woman? I wouldn’t put my money on it. So, another Galway connection here as Mr Player and I were both ‘Single and the City’ Columnists for the Galway Independent. He waffled about women while I dished the dirt on the gay scene. What a pair we did make! Since then he’s really blown up with a new Galway Now column, a book, and more than likely, about fifty more notches on his bed post! What will you find on his Snapchat account? Add and ye shall find out!

5. The Happy Pear (@thehappypear) 

These guys have to be watched to be believed. Their morning routine consist of: 6 a.m. starts, sunrise yoga sessions, morning jogging to the beach (where they swim in freezing waters), heaps of vegan foodie goodness, cute snaps of their kiddies, lots of laughs, perpetual positivity, video shoots, litres of green smoothies, and if that wasn’t enough, their colleagues at The Happy Pear cafe are an absolute scream. Their daily antics make me question my own unyielding commitment to wellness. Should I, too, be rising at 6 a.m. Maybe!

4. Angela Scanlon (angelascanlon) 


Another red-head to make our list is none other than broadcaster Angela Scanlon. Oh! If only I were straight! This is a woman whose professional life is completely spinning out of control in the best possible way. She’s left the Emerald Isle (sort of) to become one of the UK’s freshest faces on Da Telly. She’s probably most loved for her crazy ability to interview every Tom, Dick, and Harry like she’s their BFF. How does she do it? Well, it all happens very naturally.

3. Louise O’ Neill (@oneilllouise)

#AskingForIt will be repeated tonight on RTE2 at 10.30pm

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Author extraordinaire Louise O’ Neill has most recently been in ‘Da Meeeja’ for her Reality Bites documentary, ‘Asking For It?’ The award-winning writer from West Cork has sparked some badly needed discussion around the topic of sexual consent. I wholeheartedly hope this is a debate that will garner more attention and more public discourse. Aside from serious issues like sexual consent, Lou-Lou’s snaps are witty, endearing, and honest, which is exactly what you want from a snapper. Expect to see her in her jim-jams, she likes to get cosy.

2. James Kavanagh (JamesKava)

This gentleman’s main loves include: Wispas, Lady Diana, his gorgeous beau William Murray, Newbridge Silverware, Pukka herbal teas, and his Dyson vacuum cleaner. He’s a former pr guru turned Snapchat celeb turned foodie entrepreneur. Mr K is co-founder of Currabinny.ie, a web portal celebrating delicious grub. William and James create sumptuous and magical dishes, cater fabulous events, and are one day hoping to open their very own cafe. Give me a call when it opens, James, I’ll be first in the door to ye! Expect a laugh a minute while nosing around his gaf on Snapchat.

1.  James Butler (JamesPatrice)

And the winner of Best Snapchat Account and Most Hilarious Man in Ireland goes to the wonderful James Butler. “Hiya Gals” he spouts as his camera zooms in and out to a devilish grin. I’ll be candid here when I say, I look forward to him each day. The fashion expert, journalist, and emcee is an absolute tonic, together with his mama, Fron. Join James Patrice as he shoots and zips around Dublin’s Fair City to fancy schmacy events, rubbing shoulders with Ireland’s glitterati, all done while completely taking the utter piss. Yes, a pint with James is on my 2017 bucket list. Sure he’s a bit of an auld dote isn’t he?

There you have it, Nitelife’s Best of Snapchat 2016. I’m excited to follow our chatters’ adventures well into the new year, aswell as seeing some new faces entertain us in 2017.

Not to forget, if you fancy following my fine self on my new Snapchat, check me out @mindfulman.eu. Expect my daily rants, Nitelife antics, snaps about my wellness company MindfulMan, and antics from my co-stars / housemates).