by Dylan Goodman

Dublin-based Divan have shared their debut single “Sale of Lakes” ahead of their album ‘Modern Knowledge’, due out on the 19th of August.

Produced by Brent Knopf and Ian McNulty, ‘Modern Knowledge’ explores the topics of vulnerability and love for the music, with subtle nods to the likes of Radiohead, The National and Richard Hawley.

Singer Jamie Clarke said this of the upcoming record: “When all you want to do is make music, trying to turn what you love into a product in a time when that product is no longer being purchased is a weird situation. It takes up a huge part of your life. It affects your relationships in great and negative ways. It closes doors, but it opens others. At the end of the day, you just have to try to do what you love as much as possible. That’s what this album tries to convey. We loved making it. Hopefully, it will find people who love to listen to it.’

In their previous band’s, members of Divan have supported the likes of Villagers, Lower Dens, Field Music & Peter Broderick. Divan are Jamie Clarke, Marc Gallagher, and Conor Deasy.