Disclosure: “You meet more and more ‘producers’ who aren’t actually producers”
Disclosure have spoken about their realisation of the amount of ‘artists’ using ghost producers.

With second album ‘Caracal’ set for release in September, the Lawrence brothers spoke to Rolling Stone recently, revealing that some people in the music industry aren’t exactly what they seem.

Guy, the older of the two, said: “You meet more and more producers and you find out, ‘You’re not really a producer, are you? You’re just a monster A&R who puts his name on the record. It’s weird.”

Apparently a forthcoming album track, ‘Jaded’, covers the subject, with Howard adding that he feels “a lot of dance acts lack the cohesiveness that we can get”, referring to co-writing with Jimmy Napes on numerous occasions.

Another subject they feel strongly on is the pretence of DJing. “We’re not trying to scam people by just turning up and pressing play and then all these pyros go off that the venue paid for,” Guy said. “I think that’s total bullshit. Everything you see on stage is ours. We own it.”