Diplo and DJ Snake have been told to join the “back of the queue” by a large group of artists who also claim they have been ripped of by David Guetta.

Diplo posted a number of Tweets, which have since been removed, last weekend accusing the Frenchman of ripping off the Major Lazer and DJ Snake collaboration Lean On for his latest release This One’s For You.

“There’s a lot of people around who feel like they’ve been ripped off by David Guetta,” claimed former Friends star Jennifer Aniston, who claims the DJ ripped of her 2003 hair style. “These two DJs better not think that just because they’re cool and young that they can just skip the queue. I’ve been waiting for thirteen years now and I still haven’t got any closure, this is even more drawn out than the whole ‘we were on a break’ thing between me and Ross.”

According to sources, Guetta has not denied any of the accusations and has shown little sign of remorse for his actions.

“People claim David rips them off all the time,” claimed Pierre Margot, a member of Guetta’s vast, and overworked, legal team. “He really doesn’t care. He constantly refers to himself as Goldilock, with everyone else being the three bears, if he eats a bit of their porridge, or rips off a melody from a track they made, so what? It’s a big bad world out there, if that’s the worst thing that ever happens to you you’re doing ok.”

Wunderground also tried to contact the Frenchman to ask for a response to Diplo’s accusations. However, the DJ refused to talk to us, choosing instead to respond via text with the message “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”, a line which he borrowed from the movie Gone With The Wind.

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