Dillon Francis has admitted that he someday hopes to add a DJ character to his arsenal of improvised comedy personalities.

Francis, best known for his portrayal of characters such as Rave Dad and Treva And Becky, claims he hopes to create “an actual DJ character” who will help him carry out his DJing duties.

“I’ve always been a comedian, albeit a failed comedian but still a comedian none the less,” revealed Francis during a chat with Wunderground. “The only reason I got into DJing was to push my comedy, I’ve never considered myself a DJ and I’ve actively been trying to make my music sound laughable, for comedic effect, but, now that I’m doing it, I’ve realised the money is hella good so it would be nice to have an actual DJ character around to help me out a little.”

“I’ve already got DJ Rich as Fuck and DJ Hanzel in my locker but those guys both turned out to be absolute assholes and I don’t really use them anymore,” confirmed Francis. “There was probably a bit too much of me in them so, for my new character, I was thinking about calling him DJ Mega Tune Track Monster or DJ Have You Checked Out My Soundcloud. I want something really natural that emphasis dedication and a good work ethic, I really feel like I could learn a lot by having someone like that around.”

However, according to friends of Francis, the DJ is in need of urgent pshychiactric treatment and is in danger of letting these fictional characters take over his life.

“Dillon is losing the fucking plot altogether,” claimed best friend Mike James. “Sometimes it’s like he doesn’t know where one character starts and the next one ends, he’s borderline split personality disorder and if you ask me he needs help. If he wasn’t rich he probably would have been sectioned a long time ago. I just hope he gets the help he needs.”

In related news, Francis’s character Greg has confirmed that he is set to retire his Dillon Francis character as he feels he has “outgrown him” and is he’s “cramping” his style.

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