Do you recognise this lady’s face? Well, Alanna Diggin graced our TV screens last year as one-sixth of breakthrough reality show, ‘Connected’. The novel, fly-on-the-wall RTE show chronicled the lives of six belle-du-jours in modern day Ireland. From Cork to Dub-land, the six beauties filmed themselves as they went about the daily grind. Yes, all day, everyday they opened up to audiences via their new B.F.F, the camera lens. This week, I got ‘connected’ with reality show favourite Alanna Diggin about her journey on and off screen, her love of music and her wish to [maybe] be Batman – not forgetting our usual ‘Do Ya Like Good Music’ quick-fire questions.

• D.M: “So Alanna, you starred in RTE’s Connected last year, tell us EVERYTHING!”

• A.D: “I heard about the show from Tralee man John Buggy and he sent them on my details, I didn’t think it was going to be something as big as it turned out to be. They contacted me and asked if I could send in a tape, then I was chosen to take part after a few interviews with some of the producers. I basically lived my daily life and recorded all aspects of it, at the time, I was grieving the death of my father by suicide and also had a lot of health problems I developed due to the stress I experienced due to the loss of him, unfortunately. I blog about my life and the producers thought that my story was something many people could ‘connect’ with and I thought that in turn it may help someone [and myself] if I speak out about it…

…It was the best experience of my life so far and the team that produced and worked on the show were always so helpful and always there for me 24-7 if I needed them. I recorded myself, with my boyfriend, friends, family, from me waking up brushing my teeth , to me cycling my bike or out dancing on a night out. The first few months bringing around a camera pointing at myself made me feel silly, but then I got over that and loved bringing my camera everywhere, it was like my friend in an odd way.”

• D.M: “You never worked directly with any of the girls; did you see each other often, or just at promo shoots?”

• A.D: “I saw them first at the photo shoot and I met Kate in a taxi on the way there and I just thought she was the sweetest lady I had ever met! Then, I met the other girls and found them all so interesting. I thought they were all a lot more confident than me at the photo shoot, but once I saw the show, I saw we all have confidence issues regarding something. We are six very different people, but we got along great as we all understood each other – we were going through the same process. I met them twice after that and hope to see them again if I pop up to Dublin 🙂 I still keep in contact on Facebook and twitter.”

• D.M: “RTE said the show was about “modern Irish women”, what do you think makes a modern woman?”

• A.D: “I don’t think there is a definition for a modern woman, especially related to the show, because if us six are all modern Irish women, then there’s definitely no definition – we are all so different.”

• D.M: “You’re an avid blogger; did you always want to be a writer/blogger?”

• A.D: “No. I didn’t always want this at all. I wanted to be a performer, like Beyonce or Rihanna for years, or a personal trainer. Both very different, but I always wanted an active, physical career. Unfortunately, after my dad passed, my health conditions changed and sports & dancing stopped; my body just couldn’t cope with the pain. I had so many things I needed to talk about regarding all of these life changing things, as I felt I couldn’t be who I was destined to be, that blogging just popped out to me as a way to ‘breath’ and relax…I now love to write and blog and I am glad I realised it is love of mine!”

• D.M: “Tell us where the name ‘Indecisive Damsel’ came from?”

• A.D: “When I was trying to think of a name and I couldn’t decide – that’s where Indecisive came from, and it’s very true, I can’t decide on what to have for breakfast most mornings! “Damsel in Distress” is just such a popular theme from films also and I liked the ring to it.”

• D.M: “So, do you hope to be a super-duper journalist/broadcaster in the future?”

• A.D: “I hope to be happy in the future. I hope to continue blogging and I’m also really getting into vlogging lately, so I hope to upload a couple of videos each year and in the future, maybe a film-maker, script writer, or if possible, have blogging as a career. I’ll keep that as my dream plan.”

• D.M: “We think you should totally enter the Rose of Tralee, what do you think?”

• A.D: “I don’t think so. I don’t have the poise or elegance to wear a lovely gúna everyday at all. I’d have to throw on a tracksuit or something and I’m pretty sure that’s not up to the standard of being a rose. Maybe the lovely girls competition from Father Ted would be more suited to me! I have no college degree, and have not done much charity work; I think the Rose of Tralee needs to have those things done. Never say never though.”

• D.M: “Where would you like to see yourself in five years?”

• A.D: “I’d like to see myself being a lot less stressed. I unconsciously stress over many things, so I hope to be the relaxed person I feel I am sometimes, without the underlying stressed. I’d like to have a following on my blog and help people with it, maybe work in a production house somewhere, work as a radio/tv presenter, be a full time actress/singer. I have many things that I would like to be, so I’m sure i’ll be happy, that’s the main thing.”

• D.M: “If you weren’t in media what would you be doing?”

• A.D: “That all depends on my health. If my health was good: Sport, fitness, nutrition! I also love to sing and act, but that’s media isn’t it? Or…I would be Batman if push came to shove.”

Check out PULSE (below), a short film produced by a team of Kerry filmmakers, starring the lady of the hour – we’re loving the Flight Facilities soundtrack, brings us right back to Body & Soul ’15.

• D.M: “You have a keen eye for style, who is your favourite designer/label/style?”

• A.D: “My favorite style is literally comfort, I wear a lot of guy’s clothes. I tend to wear a lot of baggy t-shirts with shorts and knee-high socks, or now & then, I’ll remind people I’m a woman by wearing a nice dress :-). I love Rihanna’s ability to pull off anything she wants to wear, and I also just love shops like Forever 21 and River Island.”

• D.M: Any more TV appearances planned?

• A.D: “None at the moment, but I’d love to get into presenting, here’s hoping! I feel very comfortable in front of the camera, so acting is a thing I’d love to pursue also. Tough game to break into in Kerry, but maybe a move will be in store someday?”

• D.M:”Are they making an all-male version of Connected?”
• A.D: “Not that I know of, but I would love that!!!”

• D.M: What was the first album you bought?
• A.D: S “Club 7’s first album”

• D.M: What was the first concert you attended?
• A.D: “Shayne Ward when I was about 13.

• D.M: Favourite cheesy tune?
• A.D: Westlife – World Of Our Own

• D.M: Who is your favourite current artist?
• A.D: Rihanna, I like how each album has a different sound and vibe too it.

• D.M: What is your favourite music festival?
• A.D: I’ve never gone, but I’d love to go to Indiependence some year

• D.M: Most memorable gig?
• A.D: You Me At Six in The Olympia Theatre March 2012. Fantastic.

• D.M: Party piece/house party song?
• A.D: Shuffling to ‘Everyday I’m shuffling’

• D.M: Favourite Irish music venue and why?
• A.D: I liked The 3 Arena, as I feel it isn’t so big that you can’t see the act and I found it a comforting place and well organised.

• D.M: What gigs/festivals have you attended this year?
• A.D: I have only seen some local bands around Tralee so far this year, the likes of Tralee band Chapter 2, The White boys from Cork who have a great new single ‘stylin’ actually and that’s about it.

• D.M: What gigs/fests/events will you be attending this year?
• A.D: I hope to see Beyonce or Lady Gaga if either of them pop around and I’d love to see Kodaline, but I have nothing planned!

Alanna’s Top 5

1. Bon Iver

2. Rihanna

3. The Script

4. Chapter 2

5. Beyonce

• D.M: If you could recommend one band, who would it be?

• A.D: “Bon Iver. The music is so peaceful and melodic it makes you feel like your in another realm; you just feel relaxed and at ease listening to him. I love the songs ‘Holcene’ & ‘Calgary’ the most, but ‘Skinny Love’ is his most famous track I believe.”

• D.M: Who is your one-2-watch for 2015/16?

• A.D: “Chapter 2 from Kerry & White Boys from Cork, Ireland. I think bands in Ireland are getting a lot more recognition in the last few years, for the talented musicians that they are – like Kodaline and Walking On cars”

One of Alanna’s Favourites

Chapter 2

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