Pop into any small-town bar on a Friday night and you’re sure to find a local singer/songwriter performing. Sonder through a bustling pedestrian street, on any given day, and you’ll be serenaded by a busker, belting out melodic offerings. Switch on Saturday night Television and what will you see? Hordes of wannabe stars taking a shot at fame, in the hopes of fulfilling a dream; a wish to be seen, to be recognised, to have their talents heard and appreciated.

The music industry is, arguably, the most difficult field a person can play on. Following years of gigging in venues and plugging their wares to anyone who will listen, so many would-be greats get lost in a Sea of talent, and sometimes, the talentless.

Rob Saunders

It’s an unfortunate truth that, without the financial backing of international music conglomerates, or established record labels, indie artists don’t stand much of a chance breaking through. However, over the last decade there has been a huge surge in the development of music magazines, community radio stations, festivals, and promotional organisations dedicated to supporting and exposing all of the very talented independent artists on offer around the world – Deuce is one such company.

Formerly known as Deuce Management and Promotion, the newly re-launched, DEUCE, is the brainchild of London-based, Rob Saunders. The promo firm with a difference is establishing itself as the go-to music organisations for new and up n’coming bands and artists, from the four corners of the musical world.

From the musicians end, the constant work without reward can become somewhat draining. Irish musician, Aaron Killalea, is one part of Newcastle-based two-piece, Robbie & Aaron. Killalea says: “I work all day as a physiotherapist and do the gig circuit at night. It does become kind of exhausting, trying to make a name and not receiving a proportionate reward; not just financial, but with regards to reputation and exposure.”

Aaron & Robbie

Born with an exhaustive passion for music, Saunders just loves a memorable track and wants to bring noteworthy tunes back into the mainstream charts. As a former band manager he was inspired to set up the promo firm, devising promotional plans for bands that guarantee much-needed global exposure through radio promotion, well-deserved airtime, and various other PR opportunities.

Rob seeks out gifted musicians and assists them in bringing their creativity to a broader audience. Unlike other music PR companies DUECE does not charge extortionate promotional fees to artists who simply cannot afford it. So, Saunders’ vast experience, his price-friendly services and his not-so-little-black-book are invaluable assets to newbie songbirds.

Rob explains: “We’re different from the rest because we price the promotion at the lowest possible rate to attract as many quality acts as possible. The promotion we offer is ongoing rather than monthly, so as DEUCE grows, the bands and artists grow with it.”

The indie supporter holds a large collection of music contacts that ensures the whole process is safe-guarded. He works closely with a range of radio presenters that have a sincere appreciation for new music; a kind of genuine admiration that matches his own.

Through a collaborative approach, Saunders can guarantee all-important airtime that is, more often than not, so difficult to land. The advent of the incredibly well-received, DEUCE Radio show, has also secured artists airtime on the twenty stations which it is broadcast from – stations including: Radio Cardiff, Smash FM, and Radio Detroit.

“It gives me a great deal of satisfaction being able to help such a large number of Independent bands and artists to receive widespread airplay worldwide,” says Rob.

As well as radio time, Rob works diligently to secure advantageous promotional opportunities for the musicians he represents, by collaborating with: festivals, licensing companies, record labels, and music venues throughout the United Kingdom. His current client base boats names like L.A Electronica group The Controversy, Hawaii’s Lisa Taylor, and Bruise, a duo recently described as “Britain’s best kept secret.”

Recently, DEUCE has also collaborated with Music Gateway. This one-of-a-kind platform was established to simplify the process of working within the 21st Century music industry, by connecting industry professionals in a cloud-based workspace. The site facilitates opportunities like session work, song placements, film & TV sync opportunities, as well as A&R.

It’s clear that Saunders is an incredibly passionate and driven promoter, and no doubt we will be hearing a lot more DEUCEY gossip from him and the artists he so lovingly represents.

“I’m looking forward to helping more bands and artists achieve their aims, and making DEUCE and the acts registered with us a huge success!”

Check out www.deucemusic.com for more information.