Desert Sparrow: The two-piece, male and female ensemble from Australia – but based in Los Angeles – are Dave and Kylie, who both come from musical backgrounds. It took them a few years to build up much needed courage to pursue music as something more than a hobby, but on one open mic night in 2013, they decided to do just that. Inspired by free and loose 60’s and 70’s vibes, their influences range from Kings of Leon to Fleetwood Mac, creating a bluesy, acoustic, rhythmic E.P that has hints of both country and rock n’ roll, and makes for an old-fashioned but unique listen.

One Too Many Times opens their Leave This Town E.P with country-style drums and pulsing guitar melodies, in an upbeat toe-tapping fashion. The vocals join, and sing of heartbreak and regret. Kylie’s voice is a mixture of Stevie Nicks and June Carter, and compliments the old country and blues style of the instruments. Bass guitar and some slap guitar are added after the first verse, and backing vocals added after second verse to create an all-round sound that is impressive for just two people.

The Unwanted Friend is the second song available from the E.P on their Soundcloud, and is a long one at over six-minutes. This track opens with a slightly more edgy feel than the previous song, with some panning effects to create a slightly sinister feel. Dave’s simple guitar strumming as the only instrument playing is not unlike an opening to a Thirty Seconds to Mars track, and the vocals are deep and emotional, with a distinct pain in Kylie’s voice. The lyrics speak of a deceitful person, and the challenge of overcoming friends who hurt you. Thumping drums are added to support the minimalist guitar, and during the bridge, haunting backing vocal sounds continue the slightly eerie feel. Not the closing song on the actual E.P, but a good tune to represent the band in contrast with the first, as the duo can clearly branch into numerous types of music, rather than sticking to just one.

Set to record new tracks later in 2015, hopefully we hear more of Desert Sparrow before the year closes, as their fresh style combined with old-fashioned inspiration is intriguing. For now, there’s a few live tracks of theirs available on Youtube to scope out along with the E.P, if you’re so inclined.

Two tracks from the four-song E.P are available to listen to on their Soundcloud. You can buy the full E.P on iTunes, Amazon. The two on Soundcloud do a good enough job representing the E.P as they are, and are a solid introduction to the band.

Check out Desert Sparrow on Soundcloud and Facebook, or at