This has been a pretty lonely year for Daft Punk super-fans. After all that Random Access Memories excitement in 2013, and the early 2014 thrill of the robots blitzing the Grammys, we’re now back in a stretch of eerie silence. (A brief tribute video for Nile Rodgers doesn’t count as action.) If you’re pining for more of Thomas and Guy-Man, this will have to suffice: the Daft Punk Unchained documentary is set to premiere in the US on Showtime, December 10 at 9pm EST.

Daft Punk Unchained is directed by documentarian Hervé Martin Delpierre, and tracks the evolution of Daft Punk from 1996 through to that triumphant performance at the 2014 Grammys. Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Giorgio Moroder, Pete Tong, Todd Edwards, and Michel Gondry are among the collaborators and admirers who appear in the film.

In the English-language trailer, which has been available for close scrutiny since September, we see the duo’s DIY attempts at anonymity in the 1990s, the large-scale hysteria of their 2007 tour, and the evolution of Random Access Memories. The movie’s the closest you’ll get to new Daft Punk in 2015, so find a friend with Showtime and invite yourself over.

Meanwhile, in the absence of robot activity, Daft Punk’s merch team has been working overtime this year. 2015 has seen the duo’s official Facebook page almost exclusively peddling branded collectibles—running from logo mugs, Frisbees, and pens to limited edition figurines. You shouldn’t expect new music or hold your breath for that always-rumored Coachella appearance, but you can get down with this official “Strings of Fury” Yo-Yo. What a time to be a Daft Punk disciple.