British broadcaster Channel 4 has announced four brand-new music shows for prime-time slots, as well as some more music biopics, just like the recent Amy Winehouse doc, Amy.

Reports suggest that the new shows will be: Best Before, which will focus on new releases; Blink, a 30-minute music quiz show; World’s Greatest Songwriters, a show that will reveal the stories behind the greatest hits; and The 80s: Ten Years We Love To Hate, a follow-up to the recent Turn Up . . . The Nineties.

Jonny Rothery, 4’s music commissioner, told Broadcast Magazine, “We’ve got some really good rock docs that are working in prime-time and now we’re increasingly looking for more access to music icons.”

“Not just talking heads, we’re speaking to two or three really big music icons about spending proper time with them, doing biopic by stealth, with great archive and performance. Sometimes you don’t always get the most out of them by sitting them down with a director.

“And we wouldn’t do it with music stars that are quite saturated: Katy Perry might not be right, but being theoretical, Noel Gallagher or Elton John might be.”