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The Art-icle

Music and Album Art, Why it Still Matters

2 December 2015

Once upon a time, getting to know an album cover was an intimate thing. Whether on CD, vinyl, or cassette, buying an album always felt like an event. After ripping off the (always impossible) cellophane wrapper and pressing play, you then sized up the cover art. When it was good (and sometimes even when it […]

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The Art-icle: Capturing Moments With EyeEm

5 November 2015

Nitelife’s Art & Culture writer in residence, Katie-Jane Queenan, is back from her holliers, and she’s been roadtesting a brand-new App which is ‘appsolutely’ fabulous! I’m back from my holidays ya’ll, and ready to get stuck back into work and writing! Which is what I should have said near three weeks ago now. But I must […]

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Culture Night Sligo: Around North @ The Model

22 September 2015

Culture Night was in full swing last Friday in Sligo as I curiously made my way to The Model Arts Centre in pursuit of the sound installation, Around North. The installation was created by composer/artist Robert Jarvis – a man who has worked far and wide collaborating and creating works of art, music, and sounds, establishing […]

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