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In Review: Galway Street Club @ Rock The Docks

26 June 2016

by James Fleming and Danielle Holian “We are Galway Street Club and this what we do for fun!” And so began GSC’s 40 minute set at Rock the Docks last Friday evening. A right motley crew of 14 musicians left barely enough room onstage to swing a cat, but they swing and sing and shout […]

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In Review: The Trials of Apollo – The Hidden Oracle

20 June 2016

by Katie Glover Rick Riordan’s new series, The Trials of Apollo, is about the Greek god Apollo after he is turned from a god into a mortal. In The Hidden Oracle (the first book), Apollo finds out that the oracle of Delphi is no longer giving out prophecies, putting Apollo and the demigods in a […]

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In Review: Throws S/T

19 June 2016

by James Fleming Apparently, the defining moment of the writing of this record came when Sam Genders made an abrupt change from his usual singing style to a higher falsetto, a ‘Northern soul warble,’ as his bandmate Mike Lindsay describes it. Unfortunately, it’s also a bland hint of vanilla in what could otherwise have been […]

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In Review: CLIQUE ‘Boundaries’

6 June 2016

by Dylan Goodman I think it’s a good thing most of the songs on Burden Piece are under 3 minutes. Not because they’re bad songs, but because I think all of that existential angst could really get to somebody in big enough doses. Clique label themselves under the broad “soft rock” on their Twitter, but in […]

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In Review: Band of Friends @ Monroe’s Live

5 June 2016

by James Fleming Rory Gallagher was always a cult figure, rather than a multi-platinum selling pop star. He preferred to be true to his fans and himself rather than be on the cover of Rolling Stone or to outsell Marc Bolan. And, as with all cult figures, he’s intensely beloved by his fans. For all […]

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In Review: D-Day S/T

29 May 2016

by James Fleming When you listen to the Ramones, you can hear the sixties’ garage rock and the girl-group pop. But it doesn’t sound like either. It just sounds like the Ramones. Or when you listen to Captain Beefheart. You can here Howlin’ Wolf’s blues and Coltrane’s free jazz. But, again, it doesn’t sound like […]

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In review: Plutonic Dust’s Grand Delusions

17 April 2016

Describing your band as “original, fusing heart-hitting synth melodies with punk/funk style bass lines, lo-fi analogue house/disco beats, sensual vocals and disco/funk guitar” creates quite heavy expectations. But, 5 piece Plutonic Dust do not create music that shies away from expectations. The band is made up of Paddy Mc Adam (Automation, Synth and Vocoder), Veronica […]

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10 Best Louie Louie Covers

12 April 2016

by Dylan Goodman Yesterday was April the 11th, the birthday of American songwriter Richard Berry, and a day of celebration for his most famous creation; “Louie Louie”. Since it was written by Berry in 1955 and covered by the Kingsmen in ‘63, it has become a rock standard and one of the most covered songs in […]

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Plutonic Dust Live Review

12 April 2016

photo credit: Danielle Holian It was well past the witching hour when Plutonic Dust took to the stage in Dublin’s The Sugar Club on a brisk April’s Saturday night. It was thronged, people packed the place up to the bar at the very back of the venue. A crap DJ played what seemed to be […]

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Grieving – No Sleep – Unapologetic guitar driven Indie-punk

9 April 2016

by Joe McNulty Cambridge  Indie- Punk  newcomers  “Grieving”,  deliver  a  raw  and  unapologetic  guitar  driven  power  punk  track  in  “No  Sleep”,  that  is  bursting  with  the  energy  and  fluid  guitar  progression  that  you’d  expect  from  a  band  of  their  calling.  Their  name  would  suggest  a  much  darker  translation  to  their  music.  But,  from  the  first  note,  you’re  confronted  with  […]

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