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The Nitelife Favourites 2016 (Part One)

13 December 2016

We’re feeling just a tad reminiscent here at Nitelife HQ with thoughts of gone-but-not-forgotten festivals and parties filling our minds. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year when we begin to gorge on any sugar-laden surprises available in Memmeh’s presses; we dash around, last minute, through snowy streets picking up Christmas jumpers for […]

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Mikaela Bonner: Destined for Country Greatness

13 February 2016

Nitelife’s interviewer extraordinaire Joe McNulty talks to No.1 selling artist Mikaela Bonner after her recent success.   Ever  since  her  manager,  Brian  Cunningham,  broke  the  news  that  her  single  Suds  in  the  bucket  had  made  it  to  No.1  in  the  iTunes  country  charts,  Mikaela  Bonner has  been  on  cloud  nine.  Her  response  tears;  tears  of  […]

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Top 5 Spots to Grab a Guinness in Galway

7 February 2016

When drinking Guinness, you need atmosphere. That authentic Irish vibe the ‘yankees’ come looking for. There are certain places one can go for this “vibe”, and the best place one can start looking is the pub. This might seem like an obvious statement, but think about it for a second. The appropriate atmosphere for enjoying […]

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Four-Week Challenge: Going Vegan Pt. 4

1 February 2016

Greetings! Welcome to the fourth and final installment of my vegan for one month challenge; (Sidenote: how is it February already???) This last week was fairly dull to be quite honest. I didn’t make any new dishes, and just stuck to other meals I have made during the month. I suppose you can’t cook something […]

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4 Ways Music Helps Us Process Our Internal Sh**

29 October 2015

Everyone LOVES a good tune, right? Certain music makes us happy; classical music makes us more intelligent; Adele’s music helps us process breakups, or possibly makes it worse. But why? Here’s the science bit: Humans vibrate at certain frequencies and we are naturally inclined to match our internal frequency to sounds on the outside – […]

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Proud to be Equal. Your Pride, Your City

18 August 2015

Galway’s Community Pride Festival, now in its 26th year, was packed to the rafters with events as the rainbow flag flew and blessed the City of the Tribes with sunshine, last weekend. Nitelife sent Aisling Daly along to taste the rainbow!     As one of the only cities in Ireland without a gay bar, […]

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Ane Brun Set to Release New Album ‘When I’m Free’

14 August 2015

Multi-award winner ANE BRUN will release her sixth studio album, ‘When I’m Free’, via her own label Balloon Ranger Recordings on 4th September as a CD, LP & digital download.  The album features the new single ‘Shape of a Heart’ out on August 21st and the earlier single ‘Directions’ released in March.  The Swedish based Norwegian singer will return to Dublin’s Vicar […]

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Arthur O’ Dea on Bob Dylan

30 July 2015

Something a little bit different on Nitelife today with our newest wordsmith, Arthur O’Dea. O’ Dea is currently undertaking a doctoral study on the subject of lateness/late style in the work of industry icon Bob Dylan. Lateness itself possesses a peculiar economy. Broadly speaking, late style is representative of an artist stepping out of kilter […]

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No Woman is an Island – Exclusive Interview with Roisin Taylor

28 July 2015

Roisin Taylor, a creative spirit whose aptitude for catching moments of beauty through a camera lens, is almost as dominant as her profound connection to the earth around her. For the past six-months, the 26-year-old has been crafting a truly breath-taking series of still images, captured on the majestic shores of the world-famous Aran Islands. […]

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