Did you have casual sex last night? Did a glance from across a crowded bar turn into a night of hot steamy-ness? Are you going to see them again? If not, you just had yourself a fine dollop of No Strings Attached, also known as NSA.  

There are actually three different kinds of casual sex. No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits, and Sex with an Ex. The latter two, more often than not, will lead to trouble. Yes, Friends with Benefits is pretty handy, and Sex with and Ex might feel comfortable and familiar, but take heed, bumping uglies with a former lover is a complicated, silly idea and will lead to confusion; probably.

Sex sans strings is about as casual as you can get. Getting off with a stranger is something we’ve all encountered, and had a whole lot of fun doing. As long a both parties are fine with the fact that it will go no further, all is good in the hood! Alcohol, generally, has a hand in bringing the two of you together. Or perhaps you let your fingers do the talking via Tinder/Grindr?

Friends with Benefits; now there’s a tricky one. You could’ve been acquaintances for years, months, or even days. An old reliable you can call during those lonely Christmas nights, for a quick hot whiskey and a quick shag. Also known as f*** buddy, or booty call. Be careful with this one, someone may develop feelings.      

And then we have Sex with an Ex. Tread ever so carefully because someone may get a just a little bit hurt when old feelings arise. Or it could be great – just one last romp in  the garden of earthly delights with an old flame.

Whatever kind of sex you’re having, do it carefully!