by Danielle Holian

Black Surf have released ‘Sink’ from their upcoming EP ‘Let’s Pretend It’s Summer’, which will be released on August 26th via Cowboy Records.

The band’s music is fuzzled-up, adrenaline-shot indie-rock which hits the point where it refuses to outstay its welcome.

“A rabid burst of frenetic percussion and skewed guitars… play it again, and again, and again,” said Gold Flake Paint.

“Sink is essentially a song about the conflict and battle of harnessing the stillness within us, in this fast-paced whirlwind of life. We have become Human-Doings and lost sight of the Human-Being. Most people are experiencing either attraction or aversion in any given moment, either wanting to be somewhere else for pleasure or relief in the future or stuck dwelling in the past. Being present, finding peace in the space between the constant need for sensations in this day and age can be a rarity, so I wanted to document that in some way and spread the love maaan,” says Ali Epstone about ‘Sink’.