Californian singer/songwriter Jillian Rose Banks has two E.Ps and one studio album under her belt. She has toured with The Weeknd, performed at Coachella, and more recently, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Better is her newest single and she will be releasing an album early next year.

The single is slow and murky, with only her vocals and textured backing vocals appearing in the first verse. There is an addition of synth in the chorus, but it’s subtle and dismissible. Nothing new is brought in for the rest of the song, and while the vocals, backing and synth create a smouldering atmosphere, there is nothing much of musical noteworthiness happening. It’s missing a dubstep drop beat towards the end, which would turn it from something unoriginal and uninteresting into a solid party song.

Compared to her earlier music this single is a step backward.  The album Goddess is Rihanna like, with more complex percussion and synth, more depth to the lyrics and more of a trip-hop vibe. London had a darker feel with the use of piano and a subtle dubstep background. The single falls short of the standard set by these previous albums.

Better isn’t an amazing track, but it will be followed by an album that has the potential to be something unique and interesting – based on Banks’ musical history. Her music has been featured in the Divergent film series and Grey’s Anatomy, so things are going well for the singer, and I for one will be keeping an ear out for the full album follow-up to Better.

Check out the track for yourself: