Potty-mouthed rap harlot Azealia Banks has confirmed plans to hire Lithuanian hate merchant Ten Walls as her new social media manager.

Banks has been forced to rethink her social media strategy after a number of racist and homophobic Tweets towards former One Direction star Zayn Malik last week landed the rapper in hot water.

“I can’t believe that people got so upset at me for calling that faggy little fag a fag last week,” claimed a clearly unremorseful Banks earlier this week. “I mean what’s the problem? I’m not a role model for anyone so I just don’t get it, if people want the opinions of a squeaky clean Stepford wife they should follow Taylor Swift, not me, if you’re following me you should be prepared to hear the words ‘cunt’ and ‘fag’ at least once a day.”

“Now I’ve got to hire a social media manager and I’m not fucking one bit happy about it,” continued Banks. “Why the fuck would I want someone posting stuff on my social media, like they’re pretending to be me, that’s fucking creepy dude. Luckily I’ve found this guy out in Lithuania who happens to share a lot of my ideologies. So fuck it, I’ll hire him.”

“He sounded desperate for work and he’s from a pretty shitty country so he should be cheap too, which is a bonus.”

According to social media mogul Vince Grimes, Twitter meltdowns, like Banks’s, have now become known in the industry as “doing a Basanov” after the DJ’s much publicised anti-homosexual rant on Facebook last year.

“I don’t know what Azealia’s thinking by getting Ten Walls on board as her social media manager,” said Grimes. “That lad can’t even manage a fart, anyway, everyone knows Jeremy Clarkson has been running his social media for years so he’s probably not even qualified.”

American sources have confirmed that other people shortlisted for the social media manager position included; American presidential candidate Donald Trump, Norwegian serial killer Anders Breivik and former football pundit Ron “Big Ron” Atkinson.

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