No one wants to look like a cretin at Christmas, and we all know that the winter weather can take a serious toll on our complexions. At this time of year, we tend to overeat, we drink too much, we’re traipsing around in the cold and wind, frantically searching out the perfect Christmas pressies for our significant others, all of which can take a serious toll on the skin. So with all this going on we should really keep in mind the following tips to make sure our skin isn’t falling off our faces and into the turkey dinner!

1. Drink loads of water

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Yep, you’ve heard this one a million times before. So why aren’t you doing it then? Keeping yourself hydrated is hard, especially during the winter, but it’s so important for your body and for your skin — especially when you’ve had a little bit too much of the mulled wine. Always keep a glass of water at your desk in work and beside you bed at night. Make it a habit to have hot water and lemon every morning before breakfast. On nights out, your hangover will be significantly less if you drink more water. I’ve become accustomed to the habit of ordering a pint of water with every second alcoholic beverage. I might not drink it all, but if it’s in front of me, I tend to sip on it; which is certainly better than nothing. Curbing the hangover while also hydrating your skin. Win win.

2. Coconut oil

Dầu dừa | Flickr - Photo Sharing! This can be used for everything. Cooking, cleaning your teeth, taking off make up and moisturising are among its many uses. This is an all round miracle product. Take off your make up in the evenings by grabbing a small amount of 100% organic raw coconut oil and rubbing it into the face. Yes, it takes off stubborn eye make-up too, and no, it won’t sting your eyes. Then get a facecloth and hot water and use it to cleanse your mug. Then take a smaller amount of the oil and rub into your face as a moisturiser. Lovely.


3. Healthy Fats

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Fats have always gotten such a bad rap. There are such things as good fats and these can be excellent additions to your diet if you want to shine from the inside out. Avocados, olive oil, nuts and omega 3 oils among others are super foods for the skin. Have a much.


4. Beware of too much product

Schminke – Wikipedia Most high street products are full to the brim of chemicals, unfortunately. But if you’re going to purchase these lotions and potions, make sure to do your research and remember, less is more. There’s really no need for 200 bottles and tinctures to be lining your bathroom cabinet. Choose well and choose wisely.

5. Take off your make up at night

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This is essential. Going to sleep with a face full of make-up and grime from a hard days slog is quite frankly rank. Go to bed with a fresh, clean face and you’re less likely to clog pores and develop blemishes; and more likely to wake up ready for the day with dewy, clear and fresh skin.