Our Artist Of The Week is psych-folk songwriter Joey Gavin.

Based in Swords, Dublin, Gavin is a songwriter in the truest meaning of the word. Having just graduated from the songwriting stream of BIMM Dublin, it’s clear Gavin paid attention during his time at college.

While other songwriters may spend their time writing the perfect hook/melody, or figuring out the winning formula to a guaranteed radio hit, Joey Gavin focuses on his craft.

Earlier this year, Gavin released his first physical EP, ‘Circles’, and since its release, has attracted a lot of positive attention.

On first listen, Gavin’s songs grab your attention with interesting chord progressions, layers of well-thought out sound, and haunting melodies. His wispy, baritone-esque vocals are mixed with a musical style that (for this reviewer) evokes images of fairy-tales. Delicate and intricate, Gavin invites the listener in and then leads them through a meandering path full of pleasant surprises.

Currently recording his follow up release (which promises to be more ‘angular’ than his debut), Gavin will be making an appearance at this year’s sold-out Electric Picnic throughout the weekend. Look out for him at Cathy Davey’s ‘My Lovely Horse Ranch’ stage, which promises a host of acts along with some very special guests.

Listen/Buy ‘Circles’ here: http://joebgavin.wix.com/circles

For fans of: Ducktails, Damien Rice, Leonard Cohen

Catch Joey Gavin live: Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Co. Laois 4th-6th September