Last September saw the release of ‘Syro’, Aphex Twin’s first album for 13 years. It received praise from all corners, with NME describing it as “a new clutch of hyper-intricate electro-funk jams so crammed with melody it feels like they might at any minute pop and coat you in goo”.
‘Syro’ was followed by the EP ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments PT2’ in January of this year.

Although there have been very few releases from James, he told Rolling Stone that ‘Syro’ was merely “about a fifth of what I’ve done in the last 10 years. One album out of many possible ones”.

The EP will be out August 21.

‘Orphaned Deejay Selik 2006-2008’ tracklisting:
‘serge fenix Rendered 2’
‘dmx acid test’

‘oberheim blacet1b’

‘bonus EMT beats’

‘simple slamming b 2’

‘midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm’


‘r8m neotek beat’