After a third sexting scandal that finally prompted Huma Abedin to dump his ass, the only question left was how hard was the hammer going to be dropped on Anthony Weiner for potentially smearing the Clinton campaign with his cock photos – Now with 100% more toddler! – and it’s this hard, which was probably a poor choice of words. I see that now. The New York Post reports:

Child-welfare officials are investigating Anthony Weiner in the wake of The Post’s exclusive report that he sent a lewd selfie that showed his young son lying in bed next to him, sources said Wednesday.
The probe of Weiner was launched by the Administration for Children’s Services over his handling of 4-year-old son Jordan, a city government source told The Post.

That should end well.

In the meantime, let me address the bullshit canard that gets tossed around whenever something like this happens: Uh, yes, it does kind of matter what a politician does in his private life. – And while Anthony Weiner is technically not an elected official right now, he still plans to be one. – Because basically these people are saying, “Hey, let me make important decisions for you,” so it’s pretty significant when they make decisions like, “Hmm, I’m going to send a picture of my dick with my son in it to a woman who hates my wife’s boss and will now have an incredible political tool to use against her because it’s a picture of my dick with my son in it.” That’s something you probably should take notice of, and if that makes me a Puritan, do you see what I do for a living? It’s this. I put stuff like this on the internet.

Although my real passion is this.
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