by Danielle Holian

Refugee album features unreleased and original tracks with a number of collaborative recordings from the likes of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Linda Thompson, Alasdair Roberts, Richard Dawson and many more.

The album reflects the refugee crisis and issues on many forms from Syria.

Singer-songwriter Robin Adams came up with the concept for the album. It features the likes of Linda Thompson, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Rachel Sermanni, BMX Bandits, Richard Dawson and many more; each song has its own individual character, along with relevant ties for each subject.

Robin Adams says about the album, “What amazes me is that every song works. Every song seems to fit the sentiment of the record effortlessly even though the songs vary largely in subject and spirit.”

The album has different outlooks on the crisis. It focuses on refugees stories, journeys, issues which are addressed, and the move to across the waters. Each topic keeps arising in each song as a reminder of the overall cause which is to raise money for MOAS.

Robin Adams gives further details on the project, “Around the beginning of last year I found myself increasingly disturbed by a growing number of reports from many reputable independent media outlets, not only describing the horror of the Syrian crisis itself but also a shocking lack of coverage in the mainstream media. What little coverage there was I found to be deeply troubling given the insensitive nature of the reporting.

All of this moved me to write a song that directly addressed the problem. The obvious thing to do was to release it digitally via Bandcamp as a charity single to raise money for MOAS At the time [of the single], the severity of the crisis hadn’t quite resonated with the general public, because it simply wasn’t being reported frequently or clearly enough in the mainstream media. Months later there was a shift in awareness after [the media] published heartbreaking photographs in September 2015 of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi washed ashore on a Turkish beach. That moment seemed to turn public perception on the crisis around very quickly.

It occurred to me that organising a charity album might be the best way I could help. I got in touch with anyone I could think of whose music I admired and asked if they’d be interested in contributing. I just asked if they’d like to write a song or contribute something new which they felt might be fitting. The response was wonderful and it just grew from there.”

All proceeds of this album will go to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station), who have saved over 13,000 lives since October 2013.

The album will be released on June 3rd via Brainfog Records.


Duglas Stewart BMX Bandits – ‘How Not To Care’

Mike and Solveig – ‘Ravioli’

Alasdair Roberts – ‘Scarce of Fishing’

Robin Adams – ‘The Devil’s War and God’s Blue Sea’

Piers Faccini – ‘This Morning the Birds’

Jenny Lysander – ‘The Horn Stills Blows’

Ricky Ross – ‘Baby what’s To Know’

Linda Thompson – ‘Witchseason’

Bonnie Prince Billy – ‘Most People’

Rick Redbeard – ‘Postcards’

Rachel Sermanni – ‘Innocent Journey’

Kathryn Joseph – ‘The Lines’

Roddy Hart – ‘West’

Dana Falconberry – ‘The Dusk’

Richard Dawson – ‘To the Sea’

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