Hello, Adele’s first track from forth coming album, 25, is tipped to become the fastest selling single this year; and may just have the lasting power to land the coveted Christmas No.1. 

In the space of just six days, the video has broken all records, already garnering 107m YouTube plays, 27m occurring on Friday, the first day of its release, as well as securing 165,000 sales and streams.

There’s already some amazing covers of the heartfelt song.

Martin Talbot from the Official Chart Company has spoken out about the track: “It is a huge challenge for any artist returning after such a huge last record – as 21 and its singles were. But Adele has smashed it right out of the park with a fantastic single, which has connected with British music fans comprehensively. She already looks set to be the queen of quarter four.”

We’re tipping her for a Christmas Numero Uno.