by Danielle Holian

Aaron Holm shares his new track ‘Little One’ via Wake The Deaf and his new album ‘The Boy’ will be released on July 29th via Dissolve Records.
“On one level graceful and pretty, with the female vocals possessing an oceanic, near-maternal air, there is something harsh and almost violent present too. This juxtaposition builds that beguiling blend of awe and danger that accompanies large-scale natural events, the feeling we experience when witness to things much larger than ourselves, things over which we have no control. All we can do is stare in wonder and feel gloriously present,” says Wake The Deaf.
Seattle-based musician and producer, Holm, who writes and performs electronic compositions and experimental ambient. He became fascinated with ambient when he travelled across Southeast Asia where he listened to the likes of Future Sound of London, Scorn, and Shinjuku Thief. When he returned to Canada, he put together his own electronic music studio.
When he took a decade break from music, he started three technology companies in Miami, New York, and Seattle. In 2013, he re-engaged with music and founded Dissolve Records.
His forthcoming album ‘The Boy’ explores the violence and isolation of the inner city boy as he grows, himself becoming a father, and detaches. ‘Catch A Falling Star’, is a story of aa parent’s love for their child with the heartbreak on his hearing of the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown. Holm discusses the track in more detail,
“On the morning of the shooting, my daughter’s first-grade teacher sent out a recording of the children singing ‘Catch A Falling Star’. The recording is heard at the track start.  As I heard the news of the school shooting, first graders were the victims, I pulled to the side of the road and cried.  The voices in this track soothe broken hearts and the loss of innocence and brings the boy full circle from childhood to fatherhood.”
‘The Boy’ is hauntingly beautiful which is filled with sonic solace, calmly bewitching keeping the listener in a pure state of tranquillity.