by Danielle Holian

Nick Jonas, 23, helped Demi Lovato, 23, write a break-up song about fellow Jonas Brothers member back in the day.

The pair appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on June 17th and had some gossip to discuss.

Jonas let out a little secret of how himself and Lovato wrote a break-up song about his brother, Joe.

Colbert teased the two of them with a picture of their days as Disney stars on the show. Later for the two to discuss the song further.

“I was a little burned at a tender age of 15 and what do you do? You right a song about it?” Demi said.

“I was writing my first album and I was writing a song called ‘Gonna Get Caught.’ And [Joe] was in the room and we were all writing together and he was like, ‘Well maybe it has like a happy ending,’ and I was like ‘No, I think he gets caught and everybody sees that he’s a heartbreaker’ and Nick’s like ‘Well you know, why don’t we just like write the chorus’,” she continued.