by Danielle Holian

ODDITY release their new video for ‘Pressure’s Gone’.

Their debut album ‘Settle Down’ will be out on July 29th.

“Pressure’s Gone was the last song that we wrote for the album and we really felt that the pressure was “gone”. We never thought we would actually have 11 new tracks ready before the recording date and we feel this song really shows how energetic and excited we were to get into the studio,” the band says about the video.

“Pressure’s Gone has a powerful punch – think a heavier version of Cold War Kids – with a lo-fi edge…” says PureVolume.

“Wind me up, push me around, just don’t tell me to settle down,” Oscar Baker’s vocals breakthrough on Settle Down. There are 11 tracks for the listener, “Why fly like a monster, when you’re moving like a dancer.”

“It’s like having three people in the same body—that’s how connected we are in everything we do,” Harvey Baker reveals about the development of the album. They bring the noise; with nods to classic like Led Zeppelin, they have loud guitar riffs alike to Queens of the Stone Age. Creating a difference, ODDITY are unaware of their surroundings with a rock rasping sound.

The band started in 2012 and they released two EP’s with a different name of Fletcher. Now, four years later, the trio head in a different direction. “We changed our name because we are reinventing our sound, so we’d thought we should reinvent ourselves,” Oscar Baker frontman explained.