by Danielle Holian

How and when did the band form?
Here’s a recipe:
1. Take one misfit hurling songs out into the ether
2. Add three other rare varieties of nut
3. Soak in alcohol
4. Blend together with a pinch of generational disillusionment
5. Let simmer for about 3 years
6. Voila!
(TD;DR – we met in college)

Where did your name “Dr. Mindflip” originate from?

Dr. Mindflip knows what’s good for you! He’s the part of your mind that can throw all the toys out of the attic, invite all your demons around and get a damn fine party going. Basically, whenever we record or play live, Dr. Mindflip is what lets us all break loose. Each time, it gets a little more intense – no telling where it’s going to end up bringing us.

Who or what are your influences?

Generally, whiskey, board games, terrible movies, terrible decisions and our spirit animals. Musically, we’re a bit of a Frankenstein cocktail. The Doctor himself has an actual PhD in digital instrument design, but he devours weird rock music, ambient noise and pure cheese. Owly is a pure punk at heart but dips his beak into folk and bluegrass. The Barren has a background in contemporary classical music but thrives on jazz and J-rock. And Dollhead loves old-time rock n’ roll and gospel but creates filthy, eccentric techno in his downtime. The usual, like.

How has your music evolved since the band began?

Since the last song began, probably! Our core ingredients of moodiness, mania and pianowhackery have stuck around, but we keep slithering in and out of different cracks. We’ve become more comfortable with being uncomfortable – just following our collective instincts when it comes to writing and playing. There are definitely a lot more extremes in our upcoming album – the mellow bits are more spacey, and the aggressive bits are more roof-lifting than before.

Where can someone access your music?

Freeloaders rejoice! All 4 of our EPs so far are available for free. Download them online (in tasty FLAC or 320kbps MP3, with full artwork and lyrics) from our marvellous label BlocSonic, stream us on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud… And if you dig the tunes, do drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter and let us know – keeps the old spirits warm, so it does.

How has being from Ireland affected your music?

Sure, if we weren’t all so messed-up, repressed and full of shame, we’d have no need to be doing this. We’d be chasing our smiling, rosy-cheeked offspring around a park with a labrador and a kite, or something.

Do you have any plans for the rest of 2016?

We’re about to finish off our biggest, darkest and most bizarre project yet – a rock opera inspired by our favourite movie ever, Tommy Wiseau’s incomparable The Room. It’s the first full-length DRMF album and it’s shaping up to be a really intense, surprising trip. We’re so hyped about getting it out there, it’s tearing us apaaaht! We’ll also be doing a few gigs around the country, two special shows at the Alternative Kilkenny Arts Festival, and some secret festival dates to be announced soon…

Any last words?

Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. And support original Irish music. Go to gigs, buy singles and albums, share your favourites online, chat to the artists…there are so many amazing acts around the country right now and it’s never been easier to discover and connect with them.