by Danielle Holian

“LIQUORICE” EP, by the fantastic, excellent, heavy, youthful psych from Swedish Death Candy, is out now.

Heavy psych four-piece, Swedish Death Candy, have members from South Korea, Italy and the UK. Their sound is influenced by proto-hard rock and classic songwriting; with hazy melodies and reverbs soaking guitar sounds.


LIQUORICE lead track “Living Your Life Away” shows their ambitious talent as musicians with great ideas and nagging melodicism. The follow on track “Heavy On My Mind” steps up the distortion with low-end, stoned tones. The last track,  “So Long…”, is 16 minutes long; it’s a free song, making you feel you want to keep listening to it, rather than outstaying its welcome. When listening to the EP, you are in the presence of something special. It features great hooks and riffs and presents the maturity of their songwriting. With many twists and turns, the most memorable melodic moments are saved for the last few minutes.

‘Liquorice’ track-listing
Living Your Life Away
Heavy On My Mind
So Long…

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“The London-based quartet have been racking up plaudits for their electrifying live performances, and this new track distills the mayhem into 3:22 of psychedelic garage. It’s hook-stuffed, fuelled by feral licks, ceaselessly energetic, packed with punch, and transcends this mortal plane. It’s wild, it’s brutally addictive, and points to a group unafraid to hurtle into the unknown.” – The Line Of Best Fit.

“…comparisons with Sleep, Bo Ningen and The Doors ring most true; though the band are certainly developing their own distinctive sound.” – Wonderland.