by Danielle Holian

How and when did the band get together?

Circa 2013, Sasha had a “rustic” studio built into the back of his woodshop where all sorts of musicians gathered to play and work on a new sound. After we got rid of the horn and bongo players (nice try Sasha), we began to form the 1955 sound with a core group of players. We’ve been making fun of each others bald spots ever since.


I know 1955 was a big year for music but can you elaborate more on the story behind the name?

We went with 1955 because we are all big film nerds and most people know by now that rock and roll came from the movie Back to the Future. And we play rock and roll. Plus The 1975 was already taken.


Who or what are your influences?

The Stooges, The Gunclub, The Clash, The Jam, Bob Dylan, The Strokes, Spoon, Bowie, and KISS. Just kidding about that last one. Sort of. Sometimes Sasha also listens to “world music” but we fight to make sure that doesn’t find its way into our songs.


How has your music evolved since the band began?

The licks have gotten much tastier. Our songs revolve around the core idea that everything should be fun while remaining a little bit dark. Our live shows are always a blast to come out to and that has fueled us to create more music that gets the ladies dancing. Once they’re convinced them the tunes are worth moving to, the boys always follow.


Can you briefly describe the music-making process for the band?

Varied, like a good salsa bar at your favorite taqueria. Typically we start every practice just jamming on whatever comes out Sometimes those jams become songs. Sometimes we feel deeply ashamed when Dane plays slap bass and those don’t become songs. Sasha also brings a lot of half-cocked song ideas to the table that ended up becoming hit singles for us.  Go figure.


Do you have any advice for fellow bands?

Don’t do it for the money or fame. You’re probably not going to have either. But if you go at it long enough, you’re going to have some great stories that your kids are going to roll their eyes to and probably not believe. But you’ll know the truth. Oh yes, you will.


What is the music scene like over in LA at the moment?

Everyone seems to be playing low fi surf rock songs still. Not totally sure how many more bands we need doing this. We live in farm country north of San Francisco so we avoid that scene pretty easily. But we dip down from time to time to grace LA with our presence. Truthfully, it’s mostly to enjoy their brunch scene.


Any good band stories?

The best stories we prefer not to put in writing to protect the parties involved. But we are always happy to share over a cold beer. Much easier to embellish that way.


What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2016?

We will be releasing another single in September and then heading into the studio to record a “hits only” EP in the vain of The Stooges “Raw Power”. Mega horny for this. We are always working on new different ways to record our music and this should be a wild time.


Any last words?

Dane has a cat named Operation Desert Storm. Top that.