by Danielle Holian

How and when did you get into music?
I got into music at a really young age. I always loved listening to different types of music, everything I heard on the radio like Busted…and the golden pop acts as well haha! Then of course also the stuff my parents liked… The Who, The Clash, and The Beatles to name a few. I started to learn guitar when I was a kid in school and it sort of grew from there really! I found bands like Green Day and Blink 182 when I was 13/14 years old and that really cemented this passion for me.
What attracted you to making a career in music?
It’s kinda the only thing I like and am good at! I’m always making up melodies in my head when I’m doing stuff during the day… and when I’m back home I’m either writing songs, recording or practicing! Music is a great opportunity to meet new people. I’ve worked with a ton of people who are now people I call my best mates – it’s an awesome situation to be in!
Who or what are your influences?
I’ve always looked up to people like James Bourne from Busted and Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day as inspiration. They both are able to write amazing songs and someday it’d be amazing to write with them.
Why did you choose Pop Rock/Pop Punk as your genre?
I didn’t really ‘choose’ it… It’s honestly just the music I love to listen to, write and perform. I go to so many gigs in this sort of music too. This sort of music just makes you feel good.
For our readers who have never heard your music before, can you briefly describe your sound?
The lovechild of Green Day, Busted and Blink-182. Fun music to have a good time too!
Where can someone access your music?
It’s all available online to download and stream! Just search for ‘Jamie Skinner’.
How has being from London, England affected your music
London is an amazing city to live in. It’s so diverse and so much is constantly happening. I look at that in a positive way. It really helps with writing songs. But on the flip side, there are so many other musicians based here it can sometimes be really tough to break through here. It just takes a lot of work and determination.
What has been a highlight for you so far?
A year ago, Hey Violet, who had been on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer, booked their first ever headline show in London. They were kind enough to ask me to support them and it was absolutely insane! The show sold out way in advance and the room was absolutely full! I was able to meet the fans in the crowd after the show and I still speak to them today online on my Twitter and Facebook page. I still keep in touch with the band too but they’re crazy busy at the moment.
More recently, a song that a friend and I wrote called “He Said She Said” was played as the outro music on the Busted Pigs Can Fly arena tour! We went to go see the show at The O2 in London, and hearing something we wrote play through the speakers to 20,000 people is a feeling I can’t even describe.
Do you have any advice for upcoming musicians?
Keeping working as hard as you can and stay as determined as possible! Practice writing songs and playing as much as you can. Go to as many gigs as possible (small and large ones!) and try to talk to people from the band, people in the crowd and make friends with them! Find a way to keep in touch and you never know what may happen. The most important things, in my opinion, are passion, drive, and talent, and you just gotta keep on working hard on all of that!
Any last words?
We’re heading into the studio this summer to work on some brand new songs for you all to hear. We’re really excited to be getting these songs out there – we’re really proud of what we’re doing. Stay tuned to everything on the social media sites!! and!