by Danielle Holian

ODDITY release title track, Settle Down, with their debut album due out 29 July.

Settle Down was produced by Steve Albini; he pieces the band’s understanding of their own history together, as well as seeing where history can take them.

“Wind me up, push me around, just don’t tell me to settle down,” Oscar Baker’s vocals breakthrough on Settle Down. And with 11 tracks on the album, “Why fly like a monster, when you’re moving like a dancer,” Baker continues on to sing, making you somehow want more.

Harvey Baker reveals the details on the development of the album, “It’s like having three people in the same body—that’s how connected we are in everything we do.” ODDITY brings noise; loud guitar riffs alike to Queens of the Stone Age, there are nods to classics like Led Zeppelin. They create a difference, finding their unaware surroundings a rock rasping sound.

ODDITY began early 2012 releasing two EP’s under the name Fletcher. In 2016 they turned in a different direction; having changed artistically and prompted their name, Oscar Baker frontman explains, “We changed our name because we are reinventing our sound, so we’d thought we should reinvent ourselves.”