by Danielle Holian

How and when did the band start?

M: We started the project in June 2015. Bettina and I perform together in an Alternative Rockband called TWENTYONES and we thought about doing something completely different than guitar based music, so we said let’s give it a try for our shared love of electronic music.

B: Starting a project was actually Michael’s idea. I loved it! He said he wanted to try something different from the music we were used to writing and playing. I like many, many different kinds and genres of music, so I was super curious about starting something new.

Where did the band’s name “The Lunchbox Surrender” originate from?

M: That´s pretty much Bettina’s idea. I am just responsible for the “The”.

B: I came up with the name in 2010, but never used it for anything (even though I always liked it). There’s no story behind it, though. When it was time to name our new project I asked Michael what he thought about “lunchbox surrender”.. The rest is history.

Why did you choose Synthie Pop/Electronica as your genre?

M: I grew up in the 80’s and Synthie Pop Bands like Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, and later early Techno like U96 and Underworld were like everywhere – I think that’s how I got my interpretation of that kind of music. And i am a huge nerd when it comes to Synthesizers, I just love to program and tweak them in a live situation.

B: My interest in electronic music grew steadily over the past couple of years and I absolutely LOVE dancing to techno, house, etc. Also, I was curious about exploring new musical styles!

Who or what were your early influences?

M: My main influences for The Lunchbox Surrenders Album “Silver Gloves and Spaces” are definitely the bands Sylvan Esso, Moloko and St. Vincent – and also the contemporary electronic music that you can hear in the clubs of Vienna and Berlin. And because I do not originate from the electronic music scene our songs have a very classic songwriting style when it comes to the arrangements.B: When I was younger, P!

B: When I was younger, P!nk was kind of like an idol for me. As a teenager, I listened to a lot of punk pop and the band All Time Low had a huge impact on me, mainly because I loved their lyrics. When it comes to “Silver Gloves and Spaces”, I was heavily influenced by Robyn, Molly Nilsson, Lebanon Hanover and music that gets played in some very nice clubs in Berlin and Vienna.

When writing your own music, what makes it interesting for you?

M: Writing, Recording and Playing your own music in front an audience is such a unique process, though I was never a big fan of doing covers – it’s a good way to improve your techniques of playing an instrument but I think that it kills your own creative style. In my opinion writing your own music is all about reflecting your own life and how you deal with positive and negative things that happen to every single one of us all the time. I put that experiences into my compositions and let the music do the talking.

B: I have to say that I both love performing own stuff and cover songs. Anyway, back to the question: I started singing and writing lyrics (and dancing) at a really young age – I can’t really pick a time and place for when and where I started doing what I love most because those things have always been a part of my life. When writing lyrics, I capture a certain feeling and try putting it on paper. The process of transforming emotions into words is very interesting for me. Moreover, I think it’s very interesting and fascinating how music can touch, move, motivate (…) people.

How has your music evolved since the band began?

M: Hard to say for myself, I can hear that it gets different than in the beginning but in a good way. It’s a steady thing and there is kind of a big picture in what it should become.

B: Even though “The Lunchbox Surrender” is still a young project, I think we’re evolving in the sense that we’re getting better at what we do and we’re getting a better feel for the whole thing. We communicate well and honestly, too, and that serves as an ideal base for working together.

Where can someone view your music?

M: You can get our LP “Silver Gloves and Spaces” on the Shopsite of our Label Offshoot/Psychonavigation Records and also on all the Major Distributors like Amazon etc., we upload the demo versions of our songs on our Soundcloud page. Also, we sometimes produce clips for YouTube, but this is more or less in its baby steps.

What are your plans for the future?

B&M: We are Live-Musicians, so now that all the work for the album is finished, we are practicing for our live appearances that will start in July 2016 and we plan to play some shows for the next year. So far gigs in Austria and Germany are arranged but we also would love to play in Ireland and the UK. And there is new material that we are working on.

Any last words?

B&M: Just thank you for having us and for tuning into our sounds – and a huge thank you to all our supporters so far, they are the best.