by Danielle Holian

How and when did the band start?

Architects Of Grace started as a solo project of mine that then grew into a fully fledge band by the time we did shows to promote the debut album, Moments In Time, back in 2011. Then by 2012 things had sadly imploded.  I was back to writing new songs on my own, this is how the new material evolved. There will be new material later this year. I would ideally like to assemble a band to play these new songs live as I consider this new material to be even stronger, so deserves to be played live at some point. First though the priority is to get an EP of new material recorded and released, then an album next year. The new songs are sounding great.

Where did your name “Architects of Grace” originate from?

It just manifested itself after many lists of names. It just fit at the time with the sound of songs I was working on. Sounds that create images. I could say it appeared to me in a dream, but it didn’t.

Who or what are your influences?

Multiple influences, everything in life, both consciously and subconsciously can have an influence on anyone’s art or music. I also have made some of the AOG videos too, so in all, film, art, performance, literature, places visited, experiences in life and countless other forms can have an influence and are of interest to me. Sometimes songs are written without knowing the intention or subject until much later after they are finished. If you want some band or artists names, there are too many to list. But I generally regard The Cure as an influence plus everyone from Taking Heads to Bowie to Nine Inch Nails and 1000’s of things I’ve heard. Having an open mind to new sounds is important, that means discovering older stuff to hearing someone’s new record. Let us know what you think when you hear the songs? 

How has your music evolved since the band began?

I’ve learnt how to better craft a song. I think generally my song writing has improved since the first album.

What can you tell us about your upcoming record?

There are plans for an EP or mini album which hopefully people will like, which leads into next year and an album to follow. Still in the recording process, then I’m making a couple of videos myself. Once we have a plan in place we can issue the release date and get it out there for people to hear! Expect something to be posted in the autumn or the fall if you are an American reading this. I can’t wait to get a new song out there.

Where can someone access your music?

The first album is available on iTunes and Amazon etc. Plus the Architects Of Grace site where you can stream it as well. There are videos on Facebook and YouTube of course.

Do you have any plans for the rest of 2016?

New material toward the end of the year, the EP. Take it from there.

Any last words?

Back to work now. Look forward to people having a listen to the first album in the meantime. Excited to be able to share the new songs later this year. These songs move Architects Of Grace onto the next level, the next chapter. Hope you enjoy them when you get to take a listen.