by Danielle Holian

How and when did the band form?

The band formed officially as Club Drive on 1st February of this year, though we’ve been writing and performing with each other in previous bands since 2012.

Why did you choose “Club Drive” as your name?

We wanted something memorable, different and that suggested unity, like a team or squad. And in this case “Club”. Also, we wanted something that was easy to find on social media!

Why did you choose Pop/Funk/Rock as your genre?

It’s music we enjoy writing. And it’s definitely fun and exciting live to play and I watch (we hope) – it gives us a broad spectrum to work with and I think any artist doesn’t just choose a genre as such but more the music we happened to enjoy seemed to fall into those categories.

Who or what are your influences?

Everything! But really far too many acts to name in one review and we take influence from a lot of current events. Things that happen to us and the things that we see happening around us.

Where can someone view your music?

All over t’internet! YouTube is the best place to view our latest material though we’ll be releasing something special this summer that will be on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the usual outlets.

What has been a highlight since the band began?

We’ve been really lucky to date and the support has been incredible so far. A definite highlight was selling out our debut headline show at O2 Academy Islington Main Room. It still hasn’t sunk in!

How has your music evolved since the band started?

Massively, in a nutshell. It’s matured as we’ve got older but we always take influence from new things so it’s always changing from song to song.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

HUGE plans and we actually can’t announce anything just yet but we have some big things coming and we are all genuinely excited to finally tell people what we have coming up throughout the year!

Any last words?