by Danielle Holian
PINK MILK premiered ‘DETROIT’ on The Line Of Best Fit.

The Gothenburg Showgaze duo’s second single has been expressed by The Line Of Best Fit as ‘unfathomably dark’ but ‘wildly addictive’.

‘Detroit’ to be released shortly via Woah Dad!

PINK MILK are guitarist, Edward, and drummer and singer, Maria, from  Gothenburg, Sweden. They are influenced by 90s acts like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins and Cranes. In addition to cult movies like True Romance and Twin Peaks. The duo casts a moody spell with their gloomy, glittering sound that calls their songs to be repeated.

“The song is written to a childhood friend. We were kids trying to be cool, smoking candy, blowing fake smoke in the air, dreaming about freedom,” they say speaking about the single.

‘A devilish congregation of swirling shoegaze guitars, beats that shake the foundation of time, howling, windswept drones, and vocals laced with barbed wire’ – The Line Of The Best Bit praises PINK MILK.

‘A fluid, loose, almost drunken drawl that you can imagine playing in the background of one of those misty bar scenes in Twin Peaks’ – Wonderland compliments PINK MILK.