by Danielle Holian
PLANET PARADE is set to release their debut album Mercury on September 30th.

They have shared their new single “Face To Face”, which is out on 10th June with a video to follow.

Planet Parade is the creative project of Kildare duo Michael Hopkins & Andrew Lloyd. They have released two EP’s to date. And recent tracks “You’ll Be Sorry”, “Cardiac” and then “Blue Sky” in August 2015.

Now is their time to release their debut album; it has 11 tracks and is named Mercury. The album was recorded and produced at home by the duo in Co Kildare.

MERCURY  –  Track List
1. Face to Face
2. Top of the Heap
3. Blue Sky
4. Mute Swan
5. Jump Ship
6. Begin Again
7. Zodiac
8. Cold Blood
9. History Lesson
10. Sweet Claire
11. In The Dark