by Dylan Goodman

Leeds alt-rock quartet NARCS have released their newest single, “Bullingdon Boys”, an intense and venomous song directed at a whole number of problems the band have with current affairs.

Guitarist Joe spoke to Upset, who premiered the single, about it: “It’s pretty much aiming and firing on all targets at once. The title is obviously a giveaway but the misogyny, the greed, the cronyism and nepotism that we’re up to our necks in as a country – it can all be encapsulated in the sickening, perverse boys-only gang of Bullingdon scum.”

Joe is referring to the Bullingdon Club, an exclusive all-male dining club for the outrageously rich, based in Oxford. Several former members are now major figures in British politics, including David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

The song itself is a bitter number, with some heavy crunching guitar riffs contrasting with the high pitched whiny ones, and ample use of feedback creating a song that seems to want to be as noisy as possible. Coupled with the politically charged lyrics, this is a recipe for success.

Joe went on to say this of the biting lyrics: “I wrote a lot of the lyrics separately from different incidents involving people I know and hold dear being treated like dirt by piece of shit misogynists, vulnerable people having their pittance taken by people who burn notes in front of homeless people for fun, press rats pushing lies to maintain their pathetic careers.”

This single comes ahead of the release of NARCS second album “A Thinking Animal”, which has been described by the band as “guitar-centred alt-rock aimed at Tory scum”. It is set for release on July 8th.