by Danielle Holian

Why did you pick “Quieter” as the band’s name? And what is the meaning behind it?

One of our former guitar players chose the name, I think mostly it was just a random name that he wanted to use for a previous band he was starting but never was able to.

How did you form? What’s the background behind the band?

The band was formed early last year by our singer and current bass player. They went to high school together and started jamming with the goal of just playing some local shows. Since then we have had a really big lineup change but the background of the band is still heavily rooted in DIY hardcore/emo.

Why did you decide to play “Jock Emo” as a genre of music?

The term “Jock Emo” started out as a joke. There is a hardcore band called Weekend Nachos who label themselves “Jock Hardcore” and we thought it would be a funny take on that. At this point, we take it a little more serious because it’s a good way to describe our own brand of emo music. Emo stems from the DC hardcore scene but over the years it seems that less people really care about that connection. It’s important for us to show our influences and the term is a good way to do that.

Who are the band’s influences?

Like we said before we take a lot of influence from 90s hardcore/post-hardcore and emo bands The Getup Kids, The Promise Ring, American Football, Sunny Day Real Estate, early Death Cab.. Some newer bands that we really like are Transit, Free Throw, Misser, You Blew It!

Where do you usually get inspiration when songwriting? What is the process?

A lot of the inspiration comes from just listening to other songs. Other than that we kinda just write.

How has your music evolved since the band began?

I think in general the songs have become better structured and a lot catchier.

Any good band stories?

One time our guitar player Legacy hurt his thumb really bad and sent pictures to our band’s group chat. It was wild.

What advice would you give to people performing their own band?

Work hard. Write sick riffs. Wear Nikes. Show respect and gratitude to people helping your band. Above all else support your local shows and bands.

What goals do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

We wanna blow up and act like we don’t know anybody.

Any last words?

Shoutout fury league, all our friends and family that have supported us. Anybody that has given our music a chance. Big shoutout to Nightlife.Ie for getting in touch!