by Danielle Holian

How did you get into comedy?

I’ve always been a massive comedy fan, but when my boyfriend started to become successful on the stand-up scene I decided I wanted to try it myself.

Who or what are your influences?

My boyfriend, Stevo Timothy is definitely the most influential person to ever come into my life. Before meeting him or dabbing into the comedy world I had zero confidence. I was inspired by his bravery to stand up in front of large crowds, even after suffering a life changing injury, and I just knew then that if he can be brave enough to gain enjoyment and major success out of this, then I definitely can too.

How long have you been performing stand up comedy?

I’ve been associated with the comedy scene for over a year now and I’ve been doing live stand up for about 6 months.

Where does the inspiration come from when writing routines?

My inspiration and anyone can tell you this, is definitely all things pop culture. Before doing comedy I was Kardashian, pop music, and make-up obsessed, and of course everyone (even men) can relate to these things in life, so I thought ‘at least this is what I know’, so it was very easy to come up with jokes, routines, and stories based on these topics. The whole world laughs at the Kardashians anyway, I might as well gain payment from it!

What’s your favourite joke?

My favourite joke from my set is definitely my Kim Kardashian story. Everyone in the world knows her story and how she became famous so I use this for some audience participation time asking people about their opinions on her, and of course 99% its negative so this works in my favour. I rant on about how she has gained stardom and built a multi-million dollar empire for herself purely by giving oral sex on camera, and then make the audience feel bad for not being able to get a text back after their shot at it!

How has the internet helped you?

The internet has helped in so many ways. Firstly through my boyfriend’s page, it helped me a whole lot about getting used to people recognising me and being in front of large crowds. It also gave me a platform to work off of before I ever did my first stand-up gig, which was helpful, at least then I knew people had come to see me. The internet helps a lot joke wise too, there are so many ‘memes’ and video ‘vines’ based on my pop cultural interests that are useful to watch and look at to gather inspiration for writing.

Can you do any impersonations?

I do a mean Caitlyn Jenner! People are always so shocked at that, even I don’t know how I do it. I can sing just like Britney Spears too!

Who is your favourite comedian?

Tina Fey is definitely my favourite comedian. I’ve loved her since I was a teenager and she has completely paved the way for female comedy worldwide. Without her, there would be no Amy Schumer’s, Sarah Silverman’s, or women with lead roles in comedy films or TV shows. She’s the Queen of comedy and if I could even take a pinch of the success she’s achieved over the course of her career, I’d be extremely satisfied.

You run your own comedy club, what is the background behind this? And do you prefer to be back or on stage?

I do run my own comedy club, ‘Monroes Laughing Gaff’, at Monroes Tavern in Galway, alongside Stevo and my best friend, Andrew Collins. I suppose we’ve been to so many comedy clubs and gigs over the year and just seeing the teamwork and success within the people running it’s been very inspiring, as well as being able to put smiles on so many peoples faces in the audience. It’s so great getting to meet so many comedians too when they perform at the club. Personally, as much as I love running the club, I think I prefer being on stage. Of course, there is a huge pressure on stage but it’s a pressure on yourself to do your set well. Off stage, there’s a lot of pressure to make sure everything around you, the acts, and the audiences are running smoothly, which is fine, but I prefer that personal pressure on stage. Or maybe I just love things being done for me!

Do you have any gigs coming up?

I have a few, my next big one is at my own club on June 19th, as well as Murty Rabbites ‘Rabbit Hole Comedy Club’ in Galway on June 29th. There’s comedy on almost every night in Galway so you’ll probably catch me at most of those gigs doing a spot.

What do you hope to achieve with comedy in the near future?

That’s somewhat of a hard question because initially I never saw myself doing this. I think seeing everyone smiling and laughing at your jokes is an amazing feeling and because of that, I’d love to one day go on tour, all over the world just telling my jokes. Of course, that’s a long way away! Otherwise, for the moment, I want to see the Club successful, I want to see my partner as happy as he can be doing his thing, and personally, I’d love to take part in sketch shows for comedy, like Republic Of Telly, but you’d never know. I’ll go wherever the road takes me!

Instagram: sineadnora94
Twitter: killerqueen945