by Danielle Holian
How and when did the band form?
The band originally formed in June 2014 when Mikey asked Jake to play alongside him, at ages 17 and 16. The lineup was completed in October 2015 when Mark was recruited on bass alongside Glenn on drums, followed soon by Warren on rhythm guitar. This took a while to achieve, having gone through many potential members previously.
Where did your name “Pain In Vain” originate from?
Our name originates from a song Mikey wrote at age 17 while in a previous band called Fearless Falling that gigged during 2014. The song itself was titled ‘Pain in Vain’ and is where the name comes from. The name itself means to have no justification, reason, or purpose to bring harm upon another. In summary, such actions being considered “In vain”, a term you may hear in religious context.
Who are your influences?
We’re influenced by bands from a variety of different genres, including bands such as early Bring Me The Horizon, Darkest Hour, The Black Dahlia Murder, Slipknot, Metallica, Veil of Maya.
What attracted you to choose Metal as your genre?
We chose metal as our genre because our music varies from more melodic songs to heavier songs. Like many others, we were impressed by the technicality and uniqueness of the music. We feel that our style caters to both heavy and more accessible genres within metal.
How has your music evolved since the band began?
When the band originally started, we planned to have only perform melodic death-metal music, we have since opened our genre to a more melodic feel.
Where can someone access your music?
Our upcoming debut EP, ‘Leave Me’ will be available at our June 25th EP launch in Fibber Magees, Parnell Street. The physical copy will be available at the launch while the digital EP will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp and Amazon Music.
How has being from Ireland affected your music?
To us, it seems as though metal is a more challenging genre to promote in a small country like Ireland when compared to the likes of the UK or USA. We hope to be able to expose ourselves to larger markets some day. However, we feel that the small metal scene of Ireland allows for support among local bands around the country.
What are your hopes for the future?
In the short term, we plan to successfully promote our debut EP, continue to perform live around the country and generally establish ourselves further. Long term, we plan to have many releases, including our debut LP a year or two down the line and hopefully a small UK tour in the following years.
What has been a highlight for the band so far?
For us, the highlight of this band so far has been our debut performance in Jamlive, Belfast alongside many great local acts such as Until Dark, Symptoms of Silence and Heel of Achilles who showed great support and provided a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for us.
Any last words?
We plan to release our debut music video on June 12th for our lead single Beneath Waves. Make sure to check it out!