by Danielle Holian

What is the meaning behind DavesRadio?

The meaning behind DavesRadio is 4 friends from different backgrounds and influences coming together to create something special, something we believe to be special anyway.

Where did you get the idea to start a band?

Well, I think anyone growing up who takes an interest in music, deep down they all wanna get on a stage, play with as many other musicians as possible. It’s just a matter of whether you put the effort in or not to get the ball rolling and get a band on the road.

Who are your influences?

Each one of us have our own influences but we don’t sit down and say right this songs needs to sound like such and such. Everyone from Zeppelin and The Beatles, to soul and RnB. Everything is listened to in the van, well everything but Irish country. There’s no wagon wheel going on here!

Is there any trends you follow in the music/band scene?

No, we don’t follow trends. We make the kind of music we want to make and hopefully people get something from it. Jaysus if we followed trends we’d be on stage doing dance routines thanking whoever invented auto tune.

Where do you get your ideas when writing a song?

Writing songs can start from anywhere, sometimes a lyric pops into your head, or a major life experience occurs or simply from downtime in the studio. Foxy can come out with a riff from nowhere or Laurence could be out on the bass, even Wes could be thumping something out on the kit. We never say OK, Wednesday morning at 11 am we’re gonna write a song. That won’t work for us, it’s a natural process.

How has your music evolved since the band began?

The music has evolved because the band itself has evolved. Through line-up changes but as we’re getting older we’re writing songs about things we wouldn’t write about 10 years ago. As musicians we’re always learning and evolving. You never stop learning at this music craic!

What does your music reflect about the band?

It reflects us as in it’s honest, ya know sometimes it’s nice, sweet and caring but other times it’s angry, gritty and fuckin aggressive! All the emotions anyone feels.

How has being from Ireland affected your music?

I don’t think being from Ireland has any major affect on the music, we’re Irish, we don’t know what it’s like to be a band from somewhere else.

How did it feel to share the stage with the likes of The Frames, The Pogues and Avril Lavigne?

It was amazing, we’ve played with a lot of people but the frames and The Pogues was a big deal to us. Supporting Avril Lavigne in the old point was definitely an experience that will never be forgotten. Did you know I’m the “Sk8r Boi” she’s singing about!

What can we expect from your new EP and album to follow this year?

You can expect our heart and soul, everything is being poured into this. You can expect the kinda tunes that you be stood at a festival with your arm around your best friend or your missus singing it right back at a stage. “Anthems and balls out rock n roll.”

Do you have any gigs coming up?

Yeah we’ve a few festivals coming up over the summer, so far confirmed is town-lands carnival in cork 8-10th July, the big Viking picnic on august 20th in Meath and electric picnic 2-4th September. There’s more in the pipeline but none that we can discuss or announce just yet. But hopefully surrounding the album release we’ll do a lap of the country and play to as many people as possible. So keep an eye on the website.