by Danielle Holian

Image design by Patrick Hoyne

Please list the members of the band.

Niall McGrath on Drums
Josh Meakin on Guitar
Laura Ryder on Keys and Violin
Jamie Trimble on Bass
Ciarán ‘Jack’ Hoyne on Vocals, Guitar, Keys and Misc.

How did “Jack And The Darling Ones” become the band’s name?

The idea came from a poem or saying I once heard. To ‘kill your darlings’. Meaning, to keep nothing precious and to kill those things you love. Seeing the whole concept behind the band it seemed fitting.

Where and when did ye get together?

We meet through college. We are all in or have been in BIMM. We have been a band now for nearly a year, give or take a few months.

What is the history behind the band?

When I set out to form the band, it was imperative that every member bought in to the idea of Jack. I needed musicians who were not afraid to play strangely or even out of key. So I started going to gigs and meeting musicians I enjoyed and over the course of a few weeks, the band was formed. Though, there has been changes in the line up. We have had other drummers and bassists, but they just weren’t quite right for the band. Now though, with this current line up, The Darling Ones are the perfect band for the particular sound we are trying to achieve.

Who are your influences?

The main influences are Tom Waits and Nick Cave. They are artists who were not afraid to do what they wanted and refused to censor themselves. Other influences include Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, even a little Springsteen. Blues and Jazz are two huge factors to The Darling Ones, so musicians like Captain Beefheart, Howling Wolf and Robert Johnson have made their mark on us as well.

Where can someone view your music?

Currently we have nothing online. We are recording an E.P this summer that will be released early 2017. A single will also be released from that E.P in the coming months alongside a video and other live performances.

Do you have an gigs coming up?
We do. We are playing downstairs in Fibber MaGees on Parnel Street as a part of Ex-Oh Promotions on the 4th of June.

Any advice for upcoming bands?

All I can say is just put the work in. Be confident in what you are doing, and, above all else, make every show a show to remember.

What are your plans for the future?

I guess our plan is no different to any other band around the Dublin Music Scene. That is, to try to revitalise the industry here and to hopefully be able to make a living off doing what we do best.

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