by Danielle Holian

Photo Credit: Ella Fernndez

Joana Serrat has released her new track ‘Cloudy Heart’ ft. Neil Halstead.

Loose, Serrat’s new album, was released on May 6.

“Charming third album from the Catalan-Canadian… like Mazzy Star guesting on an early Neil Young demo.”
Wrote, MOJO.

“…the spectre of Joanna Newsom hangs heavy on her breathy vocal – evokes the sweeping alt-country of Lambchop. Gorgeous.”
Wrote, NME.

Joana Serrat said about Cloudy Heart; “Cloudy Heart was built together by David Giménez and myself. The song talks about the very moment when a couple feels like strangers, after coming out of a long journey through darkness together. I like the light that chorus spreads around and the strength that suddenly appears in this part. I feel that it’s a generous and genuine song. While we were writing it, we knew Neil Halstead (Slowdive / Mojave 3) should sing in this song. We met whilst playing in the same festival in Barcelona few years ago. Neil listened to the demo version and said yes immediately. He then went on to play electric guitars on two other tracks on the album – Lonely Heart Reverb and Lover.”

The tour kicked off in Manchester on May 7th. More UK Tour Dates are:
10 Broadcast, Glasgow
11 Electric Circus, Edinburgh
13 Chapel Arts, Bath

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