by Patricia Langshova

Walleater consists of four members; Rob Dell, Lyndarn Harrison, Liam Hemingway and Jack Muncaster. This band from Leeds, England released their first album I/II in the summer of 2015 and can be found on Itunes, Bandcamp and Spotify. Now they return with a new Digital 45 that will feature two new songs; ‘Can you feel my love?’ and ‘Lifeline’. These two tracks are set to release on the 13th of May on Tiny Engines. They are available for pre-order via the TE Store and Bandcamp.

Many fans compare their indie/alternative style consisting of melodic refrains, an expansive sound and layers of guitar to Placebo and Swervedriver. ‘Can You Feel My Love’ is a romantic song that makes the lovers want to dance. Additionally, Walleater told The Fader that “this is what Romeo sang to Juliet before it all went to shit.” The chorus consists of a repeated vocal line backed by a wall of guitars that thicken out the sound. This breaks down to a tight rhythmic section that is followed by the repeat of the melodic chorus. Overall this track is very catchy and shows the more expansive direction that the band is taking.