by James Fleming

Eimear Noone is a dreamer. And she dreams big. An award winning composer and conductor, the iDIG Music Festival is her brainchild. And a marvellous child it is; to gather the world’s leading composers of video game music in one place to discuss their craft and have the festival headlined by the frankly stunning show, Video Games Live, is a brilliant idea. And we can count ourselves as being very fortunate that she decided to have Dublin be the host city.

Originally hailing from Kilconnell, Co. Galway, Eimear studied music at Trinity College before emigrating to Los Angeles to pave her own road in the unstable world of music composing. She has since gone on to score some of the world’s best known games such as World of Warcraft and Zelda, living proof that you can chase your dreams and catch them.

“I literally studied music from the age of four,” she says. “Anything that came up that I could be involved in, I jumped at the chance,” whether that be filling in as conductor for the school orchestra while the usual conductor was out sick, or putting together her own group, Eimear took every chance she got. Because, as she says herself, “nobody’s gonna jump out of your closet and say ‘hey here’s an orchestra, I want you to write and conduct for it,’ nobody’s going to do that”.

Eimear made her own luck. Starting from the very bottom, she photocopied the sheet music and even put the chairs out for rehearsal. She did whatever was necessary to put on the show. And that, along with her musical education, gave her the experience and opportunity she needed to pursue her dream.

Unfortunately however, Ireland does not have a reputation for nurturing a young person’s dreams. And Eimear’s dreams were attacked quite viciously when she was still in college when someone told her that being from Ireland and female put her at a serious disadvantage.

“It’s something that I don’t love to dwell on,” she admits. But, she feels that it is important for her to relate the experience as it played a huge part in her journey. Eimear believes that everyone’s creative voice is important and that no one has the right to crush or to try to crush another’s dreams or creative endeavours. “I don’t think anyone has the right to tell anybody else what their dream should be or whether they can have it, or has the right to say their creative voice isn’t important”.

And with that she’s gone. Whisked off to attend to business elsewhere. A true testament to the fact that you can chase your dreams and catch them.

Tickets for Video Games Live this Sunday are still available here!