by Danielle Holian

The Workman’s Club presents a night of live music, guilty pleasures, karaoke and DJ sets on Sunday, 1st May.

First on is Segrasso, who were formed in 2013. They released their first EP, Headaches, in 2014. Releasing Too Late and No in 2015, their recent track, ‘Jokes To Tell’, is regarded as their best yet. Branching away from earlier sounds of shoegaze, they now dip into the sounds of noise pop. Their tracks are more melody-driven with more energetic performances.

Second up is Sun Mahshene, which delivers sounds of a mix of fuzz and grit with melodic hooks. The band is a group of musicians from Dublin.

And finally, Beach are to take to the stage. After a year on hiatus, the five piece band released their single, ‘Arabia’, last November. They were created in 2013 and developed a unique sound with a blend of psychedelia infused with elements of electronica and slacker rock. Their live shows now incorporate visuals to create a more immersive experience. 2016 has started out to be a promising year for them, with their recent single release of ‘Donuts’.

The Karaoke Club will be held at the main stage. Later on, there will be tunes from the 80s, 90s, 00s, “Guilty Pleasures” by Colin Devine and Edward Porter, All Vinyl, All Alternative Sounds by Trev, and Del Kerton in the 9 bar.

Admission is free. Doors open 8pm.