by Danielle Holian

Benny Tones shares a remixed version of his single, ‘Time’, by Glenn Astro and IMYRMIND, featuring vocals from Alby Love, via Stamp The Wax.

“Like a menagerie of tap-dancing horses, the shuffling percussion and off-beat rhythms are where this remix truly makes its mark,” says Stamp The Wax.

Tones is a producer and DJ from New Zealand; as well as being a sound engineer for future soul band Electric Wire Hustle. He has his own audio engineering facility in Wellington. Infused with the beauty and magic of where he grew up, his production sound is exquisite.

He started producing his own beats in 2002, when he moved to Wellington to be a part of the musical environment. Often overlooked, he was fascinated by furthering his knowledge about the music industry and audio production. In 2012, he established himself as a producer and a beat-maker with his debut album, Chrysalis.

Benny cements his reputation as an accomplished beat-maker with his latest track ‘Time’, with his own blend of intelligent, R&B-esque electronic music.

Listen to ‘Time’ here!