1. London Grammar’s inaugural album, If You Wait, debuted at Number two in the UK charts. Well done!
  1. Those in the know – us music journos – have described the London-based trio as: ‘elegantly minimalist’ (The Telegraph), ‘beautiful’ (Sunday Times Culture), and ‘every track on their debut album is beautifully constructed’ (Observer).
  1. Vocalist Hannah Reid and guitarist Dan Rothman originally from London, met in a residence hall at the University of Nottingham during their first of college in 2009.
  1. They recorded a stunning version of Kavinsky’s Nightcall last year, to much applause! It also featured on the Drive soundtrack. 

  1. We Are the Ocean recorded a pretty epic cover of the L.G’s Hey Now. Have a listen below.

6. Hannah Reid once dreamed of being an actress but, according to an interview with ES Magazine: “I got a drama scholarship at my school and was going to try to become an actress…Then my stage fright became so bad … But I was an awful actress.”

7. Hannah is also an out-and-out germaphobe… “I do panic at the thought of dirtiness. I don’t like germs. If someone sneezes on the tube, or one of my friends is ill, I get paranoid about getting sick. If I get sick my voice suffers.”

Well, we certainly can’t f***ing wait for the follow up to If You Wait; hurry up lads!