Critically acclaimed rock(?) band Lonely The Brave have announced the release of their second album, Things Will Matter, produced by Ross Orton (M.I.A, Arctic Monkeys). The album is released May 20th, however, a video for the second release from the album, What If You Fall In, has already been released which you can watch here. A short tour around the release date has also been announced.

Recording Things Will Matter, the band had time to work on atmospherics and textures with Orton, in order to expand on their already anthemic sound. The new album also marks their first full album with second guitarist Ross Smithwick, and the chemistry between Ross and founding guitarist Mark Trotter adds more depth to a sound that was deep enough in the first place.

Experimentation was the bands’ aim on Things Will Matter. And from the sheer amount of ideas present on the new record, their ambition was matched! The minimal, claustrophobic opener Wait In The Car, drags the listener in, through the anthemic choruses of tracks like Radar, and Rattlesnake, to the magnificent post-rock climax of Jaws of Hell – a suitably epic sign off for an epic album.

Lonely The Brave’s debut album, The Days War received almost unanimous critical acclaim from such diverse publications as Kerrang!, The Guardian, Mojo, Rock Sound and The Telegraph, displaying their sundry fanbase. They also bagged prestigious support slots with such A-list names as Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and, a favourite of the bands’, The Deftness.

All of this points to a wide-ranging sound that draws on some of the best bands of alternative rock’s brilliant history such as: Mogwai, dEUS, Jeff Buckley and Screaming Trees.

The strong melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that garnered them such a large audience are still there. Yet, Lonely The Brave are, once again, pushing their own envelope and boundaries to see just what they’re truly capable of. Things Will Matter is the sound of a band, not content to rest on their laurels, after a tremendously successful two years.